Q:  What does Made To Order mean ?

A:  Made To Order mean once the product is purchased online and confirmed, the item you purchased will be made to order for production according to all details and instructions required

Q:  What items do we Customize in Leather  ?

A:   Whip Appeal customize ladies skirts, dresses,coats, jackets, handbags, pants and shoes in leather. That does not mean, if the product you want to be produced in leather, must be leather, it means that if you have a product in your closet, for example a skirt or  jacket, that is made in cotton fabric but you want it produced in leather material, our company is  capable of doing that. 

 Q:  How is this procedure arranged ?

 A:   First of all, we recommend you take a photo of   the product that you would like to be made in leather and send an inquiry by e-mail, so that we can  quote you a price for the items to be made according to your specifications and instructions in  leather material. Our company representative will confirm all details required so that we can provide  you our most competitive price, if you approve, we  will ask you to ship your item to our company  location, so we can produce your item accordingly.

Q:   How long would it take to produce the item you require to be made ?

A:    Our normal standard time for production is 4 –5 weeks, standard time for production, once received your product if necessary, some cases may be sooner or later, pending the other work orders that we are currently working with.

Q:   Who pays for the shipping ?

A:   In order for us to produce your product according  to your request, the customer will be responsible to pay for the shipping cost to “our location” in                  order for us to begin producing. We will be responsible for returning back, your item shipped to us, according to the same condition we received.

Q:   If, the item I am interested in is out of stock will it be  re-order?

A:    We recommend you sign up for our notification list regarding the product of interest that is not instock, so we can contact you when or if that item does become available.

Q:    What type of leather do you use ?

A:     We use Premium Grade A sheep leather for most of our  leather clothing such as Ladies skirts, dresses, coat/jacket shoes and Men suits, jackets, shoes  etc.  unless requested otherwise.

Q:     What is exotic leather ?

A:     Exotic Skin is Genuine Alligator,  Crocodile,  Ostrich,  Snake skin,  which are 100% Authentic. Typically  made for our accessories such as   Handbags, wallets, belts, hats, briefcase and shoes.




Q:        What forms of payment do you accept ?

 A:         We accept all major credit cards Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express, Paypal, MoneyGram, Western Union and Bank Wire Transfer. 



Q:       Is my order secure?

A:       All orders, purchases and customer information online are made using our secure socket layer(SSL) measures to ensure your privacy and then encrypted using industry standard safeguards.

Q:     What is your return policy ?

A:      All returns are required to be returned within 20 Days after delivery confirmation. All items must be returned brand new condition, unused. A company representative will instruct you to better understand on the process of return at     sales@whipappeal.com  a new product of the item you purchased will be provided

Q:     What is the meaning of Whip Appeal stand for?

A:     Whip Appeal is a street terminology whereby the word Whip stands for “Hooked” and the word Appeal means “Attract”  The name Whip Appeal together is a Hooked Attraction (aka) 

“The Difference Maker”. When you purchase Whip Appeal products it will “MAKE THE DIFFERENCE”

Q:     How do Whip Appeal Products compare to other brand?

A:       Whip Appeal allows the consumer to design their   own product according to their own choice of preference considering, the manufacturer confirms the design they require is possible to be made. Our company has partnered with several different manufacturers worldwide, where each specialize in a category of choice that we offer.